Black Value Pack - Black Onyx EvilEye Bracelet & Shine Sparkle Anklet

  • Rs. 2,200
  • Rs. 3,500

Two Fabulous Black Onyx jewelry pieces - Shine & Sparkle Anklet & EvilEye Shine Sparkle Bracelet in this Value Pack.

Shine Sparkle Black Onyx Anklet - Made with natural, faceted delicate Black Onyx, this anklet is such a joy that you will love wearing it daily. Some believe that wearing Black Anklet in left ankle wards off evil spirts and keep you full of stamina and vitality. Black Onyx symbolizes strength and power.

EvilEye Shine Sparkle Bracelet - EvilEye Motif which is full of Nazar Protection, positivity and happiness - makes this such a joyful Bracelet. 

Care Details - Amaltaas manufactures jewellery as per highest International quality standard. To keep your gold-plated jewellery looking new - keep it away from water & do not spray perfume or lotion on it. If you are not wearing your Amaltaas jewellery, store it in individual airtight plastic pouch or box

Product Details:

(a) Anklet 1 = Shine Sparkle Black Onyx Anklet - Weight - 2.9gms, Size - 22cms + 4cms extension with natural Black Onyx gemstone beads

(b) Bracelet 2 = EvilEye Shine Sparkle Black Onyx Bracelet - Weight - 3gms, Size - 16.5cms + 4cms extension