About Us



Our brand name Amaltaas is inspired from the beautiful tropical flower-tree by the same name. Amaltaas sings when it sheds its leaves and bursts into grape like bunches of delicate Yellow Golden flowers. This beautiful flower and its colour (golden yellow) is an everlasting inspiration for the brand.


The tagline 'Jewellery for the Ready You' was actually uncovered during a discussion with the founder's 8 year old daughter when asked 'what do you think of Jewellery?'. Her reply was that one wears Jewellery when one is almost 'ready' - "Mom, Jewellery is usually the last thing you wear when getting ready", thus sparking our tag line 'Jewellery for the Ready You' !


Just as Amaltaas flowers are ready to shine bright under the hot summer sun, Amaltaas Jewellery is for the Ready You - to shine bright in every season!


The style of Amaltaas Jewellery can be best described as classic pieces with a designer twist. At the forefront of each design is a penchant for beautiful natural gemstone and craftsmanship, as most of our Jewellery is hand-crafted.


Amaltaas traces its lineage back to the family business (40 year old wholesale Jewellery business operating from the gemstone capital of the world - Jaipur, India). At the centre of Amaltaas Jewellery is tremendous care, thought and pride, till every last detail. It is with this and a desire to create versatile, timeless pieces that Amaltaas entered the market in 2019.


Created with a passion for beautiful, wearable Jewellery, Amaltaas provides high-quality, affordable designer Jewellery - that you feel good about owning. It is with “you” in mind that each Amaltaas collection is created and made possible.

Amaltaas has two distinct ranges. We design, create and manufacture modern Jewellery under our semi-precious range. This is our fashion Jewellery line and is an ode to the joie de vivre of Amaltaas, including simple gold plated Jewellery and uniquely hand-crafted Jewellery with uncut semi-precious gemstones. We work mostly with brass metal and silver - with 22k gold plating  or 18k gold-plating. Amaltaas also retails precious rubies, multi-coloured gemstones and sapphire (blue and yellow sapphire), made with 14k or 18k real gold. This is our Fine Jewellery Line.


Amaltaas adheres to strict international standards of allergy-free, lead and nickel free, ethically produced Jewellery. There is no mass-production and artisans working on Amaltaas Jewellery are paid fair-wages.



Amaltaas is the brainchild of Neha Mehta. As an Army child, raised across different cities of India and with tremendous exposure to travel from childhood shaping her Jewellery preferences and aesthetics, Neha is a self-taught Jewellery designer.

Watching her mother and other army wives, wearing Jewellery to accentuate their style and dress up for different formal occasions, her love for Jewellery started very young. However she never undertook any formal training in Jewellery and went on to received her undergrad degree in Commerce Honours from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi followed by Masters in Communication from MICA, Ahmedabad, India. MICA is also where she met her husband and who she describes as, ‘the wind beneath by Jewelled wings’. Her husband is from a reputed Jewellery family from Jaipur and Amaltaas traces its lineage back to the family wholesale business of 40 years in precious gemstone.


Neha launched her own Jewellery line as a one-woman team in 2018, after a long career (almost 14 years) in the corporate world, working in corporate communications and media. She is a passionate and self-driven designer who has learnt Jewellery by understanding the process and gaining hands-on experience. Over time she has developed an eye for Jewellery that tells a story, that is personal and hand-created by artisans using precious or uncut semi-precious gemstone. Her Jewellery ethos is to put “something of yourself” into every piece and it is with “you” in mind that each Amaltaas collection is created.