Care for Jewellery

Care for Jewellery

Jewellery Love is Jewellery Care!

For those who love jewellery, caring for it comes naturally. But timely advise and guidance in taking care of these jewelled treasures, specially when these treasures are gold plated, is always welcome!

Since we are all different and unique, our jewellery also reacts with us differently based on factors like our oily skin, pH Levels, sweat, etc. Even weather factors like humidity, dryness have a role to play when it comes to fashion jewellery getting tarnished. Since all jewellery comes in contact with the top layer of our skin – it also comes in contact with sweat, oil, pollution, dust and even chemicals from your perfume and lotions. Thus, its inevitable that your jewellery may look dull and less glossy (although vintage look does have its joy! ) over time due of dust, chemicals, sweat etc. that are transferred from the skin to your beloved jewellery pieces.

Fashion jewellery, which is gold-plated, does need special love to keep it looking beautiful and fresh! Here is some advise and guidance -

  • Daily use – many of us wear perfumes last, when it should always be jewellery that you wear last, after putting on your lotion, make-up and perfume! As the Amaltaas tagline says, “Jewellery for the Ready You”, always wear your jewellery in the end, once you are ready and all residue from lotions, perfumes and makeup has sunk into the skin.
  • Physical activity - Sweat is very acidic and does harm your jewellery. Its recommended to always take off your gold-plated jewellery before doing any form of physical exercise. Remove and store in individual plastic Ziplocs whenever you are not wearing your gold-plated jewellery.
  • Sleep - While you can wear your gold-plated jewellery pieces to sleep, it's always recommend to remove jewellery before sleeping. As you can hurt yourself due to jewellery poking during sleep or even break your jewellery due to restless sleep. Remove and store in individual plastic Ziplocs whenever you are not wearing your gold –plated jewellery.
  • Water – Bathing/showering, going into the swimming pool (which is bound to have chlorine water) or into the salty sea water with gold-plated jewellery is never a good idea. Keep your jewellery away from water. Remove and store in individual plastic Ziplocs whenever you are not wearing your gold-plated jewellery.
  • Storing jewellery – Its always a good plan to store jewellery out of the sun and away from any dusty or moist conditions. Also keep your gold-plated jewellery away from other plated jewellery as some can react with each other. And for the sake of repeating ourselves (repeat after me!) - if you are not wearing your gold-plated jewellery, store it in individual plastic Ziplocs. This is the one thing which you can do on a regular basis to make your jewellery last a long time!


Amaltaas, Jewellery for the Ready You, has a range of fashion jewellery, which is mostly handcrafted, with 22k or 18k gold-plating. Come shine in the Amaltaas hues.