Rose Quartz, you pastel beauty!

Rose Quartz, you pastel beauty!

If you look up the term “English rose”, that would perfectly describe the mood Rose Quartz gemstone sets. Vogue Italy says ‘An intense pink liquid diluted in milk would create the exact cloudy effect found in rose quartz’. The image that these words bring to mind are spot on for this pastel beauty.

Pastels are HOT favorite in the fashion world, making Rose Quartz a must-have gemstone. 

Gold (gloss, matt and rose gold) serves as a ‘perfect’ frame for embracing this semi-precious gemstone. Rose Quartz, also called Pink Quartz, has various shades from baby pink to vintage pink and looks lovely with other gemstones as well. Amaltaas uses uncut Rose Quartz with simple matt gold and with other gemstones like CZ diamonds and rubies! Oh, so pretty!

Known for its ‘lovable’ qualities, Rose Quartz is considered as the gemstone of love. Forbes journalist, Carol Besler, writes for gemstone.org saying “Rose Quartz is believed to promote romantic love, fertility, sexuality and energy. Wearing it is said to relieve anger, tension… making the wearer look years younger”. Now that’s something to have – fashion, love and youth. Do indulge yourself in Rose Quartz jewellery by Amaltaas which is real and semi-precious.