Lakshmi Ganesh Charan Blessings Bundle in 92.5 Silver & Green Onyx

  • Rs. 8,600
  • Rs. 16,000

 Elevate your home with Divine Blessings. We present to you our exquisite collection in pure 92.5 Silver with Green Onyx base. Ideal for gifting or blessing your home.

Pack of 3 including - Ganesh, Lakshmi and Divine Charan

🪔 Ganesh Ji Divine Blessing:
Meticulously handcrafted in pure 92.5 Silver with a base made from natural, semi-precious Green Onyx, this small-sized figurine embodies the essence of Lord Ganesh, symbolizing remover of obstacles, auspicious beginnings and wisdom. 🐘

🪔 Lakshmi Ji Divine Blessing:
Crafted with the same precision and care, our Lakshmi Ji figurine also features pure 92.5 Silver with a Green Onyx base, representing abundance, purity, and good fortune.

🪔 Charan Paduka: Revered as the embodiment of the divine feet of the gods, it's a symbol of reverence and spirituality. These blessings "walk" into your life, bringing peace and harmony.

Perfect for Festive Times:
Ideal for adorning your work desk or home during celebrations, these figurines signify blessings, prosperity, and the divine presence in your space.

Exceptional Gift Choice:
Silver's value grows with time. These gifts, made in pure silver, are not only a valuable addition to your life but also a meaningful and auspicious gift choice for your clients and colleagues

Amaltaas Gift Boxes:
Our gifts come in Sustainable Amaltaas Gift Boxes and Satin pouches. Additionally, a BIS Certificate of Authentic 92.5 Silver is included in each pack, ensuring the authenticity of your divine blessings.

Hurry, as there's limited stock available!

Order your Blessed Figures in real Silver and invite divine grace, blessings, and abundance this festive season. May these divine blessings bring prosperity and success.

Product Detail

Laxmi Ji & Ganesh Ji Size- 3.5cms x 4cms

Laxmi Ji Charan Size

Total Weight- 22gms

Weight of Silver- 16gms

Silver Purity- 92.5 Silver

Gemstone- Natural Green Onyx

Weight of Gemstone- 55-60gms

Carat- 280.55-350