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Dazzling Round Rainbow Drops

  • Rs. 45,000

These dazzling earrings are made with precious beads of Ruby, Emerald, Yellow and Blue Sapphire. Such lovely colors of the rainbow to accessorize with! Made with real 14 Karat gold, a precious Ruby Manior long bead hangs from the top so gracefully - adding just that pop of colour you are looking for! For the stylish you, come shine in the Amaltaas hues with these gorgeous precious Earrings.

This Amaltaas collection is made in 14 Karat real Gold. All gemstones in our collection are natural, which means no two are alike. Also this entire collection is handcrafted. While we cannot guarantee exact replicas of the pictures, we can guarantee that the Jewellery you receive will be unique to you and precious like you!


Gold - 14 Karat Real Gold
Precious Gemstone - Natural Ruby, Emerald, Yellow and Blue Sapphire

Total Gemstone Carat = 21.20 ct
Total Gold Gms = 14.01 gms

Length - 8.5 cms