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MEN Blessed Hands - Khanda 92.5 Silver Bracelet

  • Rs. 1,450
  • Rs. 1,800

Sikh symbol of Khanda (Adi Shakti) relates to primal creative powers and has three parts to it’s design:

The Chakra is a circle, also a symbol of infinity and reminder that God’s infinite nature, has no beginning or end.

The central Khanda is the double-edged dagger (in center), representing the straight and narrow path of righteousness

The two Kirpans are curved single-edged knives on both sides of the symbol and represent the polarities that need to be balanced by neutrality

This bracelet is handcrafted in 92.5 silver and you will cherish wearing it.

Details of Bracelet -

Silver Purity: 92.5% Silver

Band: Handcrafted with Black, pure cotton cords. 

Size - Open Men's Bracelet (8cms is the minimum diameter) 

NOTE -  Due to heavy demand this product will be shipped in 3-5 working days.