KIDS-(Pair) Laddu Gopal Basuri 92.5 Pure Silver Kid's Bracelets

  • Rs. 2,450
  • Rs. 3,200

Laddu Gopal Basuri Bracelet made in 92.5 Pure Silver is super fun! It has a cutie motif of on Krishna's Flute and semi-precious Black Onyx Beads! Small but such a powerful design - just like your kidoo! :)

Amaltaas Chhota Cutie Collection is crafted with "nazar protection" in mind. Inspired by ancient Indian scriptures and texts, these bracelets are made with high-quality 92.5 silver and genuine semi-precious Black Onyx beads (not glass or plastic). 

Whether your child is just starting to explore the world or already running circles around you, "Chhota Cutie" bracelets provide an extra nazar protection wherever they go.  Designed especially for your little ones - aged 0 to 10 years

Details of Bracelet -

Size: Fits newborns 0 years to 10 year olds (with extensions)

Silver Purity: 92.5% sterling silver

Beads - Handcrafted with Semi-precious Black Onyx beads

Bracelet Quantity - 2 

Motif Size: 16mm Length

Length of Bracelet: 11.5cms + 2.5 cms extension 

Pack: This Bracelet comes in a beautiful Amaltaas Box Packaging, Amaltaas Certificate, Care Note Card