Green Bracelet Dreamcatcher

  • Rs. 3,500

Green Emerald CZ DreamCatcher Bracelet, a captivating masterpiece that radiates elegance and positivity. This unique bracelet stands out, making a powerful statement. Wear this bracelet as the centerpiece of your arm bracelet layers or let it shine as a standalone piece.

The color green holds a special significance, symbolizing renewal, growth, and harmony with nature. Just as nature thrives in shades of green, this bracelet is a celebration of life and all its possibilities. Its association with the DreamCatcher motif in this collection creates a powerful synergy, as DreamCatchers are believed to capture good luck and positive dreams while offering protection from negative influences. A match made-in-heaven! 

Let the vibrant green hue of Green Emerald CZ and the symbolism of the DreamCatcher inspire you to reach for your dreams, attracting positivity and serenity along the way! 

This entire Collection is handcrafted. Along with being designed and manufactured in our Amaltaas Unit in Jaipur (India). 

Note - This entire Amaltaas collection is made in Brass, with 22k Gold-plating. All gemstones in our collection are natural, which means that no two are alike and every piece is unique to you. For each product, while we guarantee that it is made with love by various artisans, they might not be exact replicas of this picture and colour variation will be seen.

Care Details - Amaltaas manufactures jewellery as per highest International quality standard. To keep your gold-plated jewellery looking new - keep it away from water & do not spray perfume or lotion on it. If you are not wearing your Amaltaas jewellery, store it in individual airtight plastic pouch or box

Product Details:

Length - 14cm + 3cms extension 

Weight - 17.6 gms