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Trio Combo- Royal Sparkle Moissanite Stud & Necklace

  • Rs. 4,400
  • Rs. 4,900

Combo- Royal Sparkle Moissanite Ring, Studs & Necklaces are absolute stunners! Amaltaas Royal Sparkle Collection with Moissanite gemstone is a thing of joy! Moissanite is ruled by the planet Venus, which is responsible for a luxurious life. A strong Venus in the horoscope helps to fulfill one’s wishes/desires and attracts a luxurious life (as per personal belief)! What a fab gemstone to own!


Pair it with Sparkle- Moissanite Studs to complete your look. Each is sold separately.

Made with


- Gold-plated Brass

- Necklace Motif Size- 16mm x 16 mm 

- Stud Motif Size- 14mm x 12 mm 

- Open Ring Motif Size- 16mm x 16 mm 

- Weight- 10 gms

Care Details - Amaltaas manufactures jewellery as per the highest International quality standards. To keep your gold-plated jewellery looking new - keep it away from water & do not spray perfume or lotion on it. If you are not wearing your Amaltaas jewellery, store it in an individual airtight plastic pouch or box.