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Nazar Combo Pack- Big EvilEye Link Chain Nedcklace & Bracelet

  • Rs. 2,999
  • Rs. 3,500

Protection from Buri Nazar in Style! Reversible Handcrafted EvilEye from Amaltaas – with handcrafted Enamel EvilEye on one side & Embossed EvilEye on the other. Even if the motif turns, your EvilEye Necklace & Bracelet will always work!

What you get!
1. Two cool “looks” as the Big EvilEye is reversible with Enamel Evileye on one side and embossed EvilEye on the other side!
2. Trendy Link Chain Bracelet - so that you are super stylish!

Care Details - Amaltaas manufactures jewellery as per highest International standards. To keep your gold-plated jewellery looking new - keep it away from water & don’t spray perfume or lotion on it. Store in separate airtight plastic pouch/box when not in use.

Product Details:
Bracelet Length - 20 cms 
Both Motif Width - 2 cms 
Total Weight - 26 gms 
Material - Allergy free Brass
Finish - Handcrafted Enamel & Gold-plated