BLESSED HOME - Ganesh Ji Red Aventurine, Handcrafted Statue

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Ganesha, Ganesh ji or Ganapathi, has more than 100 names. He is the remover of obstacles and is believed to be the Lord of new beginnings, with Ganesh ji being worshipped for auspicious beginnings. Lord Ganesha's different body parts are symbolic - 
The big head is symbolic of thinking big. It is related to wisdom.
The large ears symbolize to listen more.
The small eyes symbolize concentration.
The rope symbolizes- to raise one to reach a higher goal.
One tusk is the symbol to retain good and throw away the bad.
Lord Ganesha is seen in images as a blessing with his right hand which is symbolic of the protection to supreme on the spiritual path.
The weapon-Axe represents the cut-off of all bonds of the materialistic world.
The trunk symbolizes adaptability and efficiency.
The large stomach is symbolic of the peaceful digest of good and bad in life.

Details Of This Statue -

* This Statue is made in semi-precious Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine is associated with the heart and is about self love and acceptance

*  5.5cm x  4cm x 7.5cm

* Handcrafted (cut by hand) by artisians in Jaipur, India. Kindly note - Designs may vary due to this unique aspect.