7Chakra Cuff - Open Bangle

  • Rs. 3,200
  • Rs. 4,000

A 22kt gold-plated open-cuff with 7 Chakra Motifs in filigree that is all about healing energy. Chakras are energy vortexes that exist within each of us and these 7 main chakras are found along the spine - from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.   

Amaltaas 7Chakra Open Cuff is a stunning design, embodying the phrase “Beauty in Metal” . It features all 7 Chakras Motifs, which act as a symbol of harmony and protection. Balance your Chakra with Amaltaas 7Chakra Cuff and and have all these 7Chakras Motifs working towards elevating your spirit - 

  1. Root chakra or Muladhar, located at the base of your spine and provides the base or foundation for life.
  2. Sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana, located just below your belly button, is responsible for your sexual & creative energy.
  3. Solar plexus chakra, or Manipura, located in your stomach area is responsible for confidence & self-esteem
  4. Heart chakra, or Anahata, located near your heart, is responsible for our ability to love
  5. Throat chakra, or Vishuddha, located in your throat is responsible for our ability to communicate
  6. Third Eye chakra, or Ajna, located between your eyes is responsible for strong gut instinct, intuition & imagination.
  7. Crown chakra, or Sahasrara, located at the top of your head, represents your spiritual connection to yourself, others, and the universe.

Note - This adjustable Cuff is as easy to wear as it is beautiful to look at. Since it is open, it can be gently adjusted to fit most wrist sizes. 

Care Details - Amaltaas manufactures jewellery as per highest International quality standard.

1.To keep your gold-plated jewellery looking new - keep it away from water & do not spray perfume or lotion on it.  

2.Do not bend this cuff too much or pull apart hard as jewellery needs to be handled delicately and with care. 

3. If you are not wearing your Amaltaas jewellery, store it in individual airtight plastic pouch or box.

Product Details:

Length - 5 cms x 2cms

Product Width/Circumference - around 6.5 cms - As it's an open cuff, gently adjust it to fit your wrist. Do not bend too much or pull apart hard as jewellery needs to be handled delicately and with care

Weight - 20gms

Material - Allergy free Brass

Plating - 22k Gold-plating