Amaltaas traces its lineage back to the family business (40-year-old wholesale Jewellery business operating from the gemstone capital of the world – Jaipur, India). At the centre of Amaltaas Jewellery is tremendous care and pride, which starts from ethical sourcing of all gemstone that we use.


Sourcing for Fine – Precious Gemstones

For Amaltaas Fine Jewellery, we use only natural, precious Ruby, Yellow and Blue Sapphire. Our Rubies and Sapphire can be traced from mine to market as we are Jaipur wholesalers first in Fine gemstones and e-retailers second.

We source our Rubies and Sapphire from Madagascar, Africa and work with companies that have their own fair-trade approaches there. We work with two categories of precious natural gemstones – completely natural Rubies and Sapphire (no treatment of heat or filling) – these are for engagement/wedding rings and custom jewellery. Please contact us for this through “Contact Us”. Our large scale – wholesale natural gemstones Madagascar Rubies and Sapphire are taken to Bangkok for treatment (heat and filling), post which all cutting and polishing of gemstone is done in-house at our unit in Jaipur, India. There is complete mine-to-market chain of custody and transparency.


Sourcing for Fashion – Semi-precious Gemstones

For Amaltaas Fashion Jewellery line, we work mostly with semi-precious, natural uncut gemstones. Generally, less expensive “semi-precious” gemstone, with a clear chain of custody is not available. But at Amaltaas, we source all our gemstones from reputable Jaipur based companies that have published principals and have high standards, with fair-wage and fair business practices.