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Amaltaas Flowers

Amaltaas Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and auspicious in the Indian culture. During weddings there is an entire ceremony planned wearing flowers! This collection is an ode to Amaltaas cascading flowers - seem glooming in it's yellow glory throughout India and the subcontinent during summer time. 

With it's beautiful floral design - these jewelry pieces are so effortless to style and timeless to wear! Inspired by tropical climates and joyful times, this collection is fusion Indian at its best. Featuring the many nuances of Amaltaas Flowers, Petals and Buds, you will fall in love with this handcrafted, 22kgold-plated, designer jewelry collection. 

Wear this Collection for Haldi function, weddings, festival time and even for your next vacation to balmy tropical locales. It makes the best gift for your friends and even bridesmaids and you will love how easy it is to style, again and again! 

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